Monday, January 12, 2009

Projects update

I spent the morning looking at some blogs of scrapbookers who are doing the Project 365. This has really turned into a huge thing in the scrapbooking world. There are so many people doing it. And because of all the drama over the fact that there were not enough Creating Keepsakes kits to go around, there are a lot of people doing their own version of it, like me. I'm going to get some pictures uploaded soon.

This has really made me look around everyday for something that I want to document. That has made me more aware of the little joys in life and THAT, my friends, is a very good thing.

My other project for the year is the Names of God book that I want to do. I was going to follow Patter Cross's plan but I found out that wasn't exactly what I had in mind. I would like for this to be the Hebrew names of God and my plan is to use the book as a tool in prayer and study. So I have launched out on my own and found a list of the names and meanings on the internet. My first name for God is El. I have looked up my scriptures and I am ready to make my first pages. I plan to get going on that this week.

My priority this week, however, has to be sewing a birthday jumper for Miss Aubrey. We are celebrating her first birthday on this coming Sunday. She won't actually be one until the 23rd but Sunday was the best time to get everyone together. If all works our, we will have everyone together. That is not always easy, but it looks like we will make it. That's only our side of the family, though. Unfortunately no one from Daniel's side of the family is going to make it. So, more on that later.

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