Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Way Behind

I have been neglecting my little blog. How do I get so far behind? The weeks have been so crazy, but so wonderful too. A vacation for Amy and Daniel and us babysitting for 3 days, a trip to Chuck E Cheese with them, a revival at Brazil United Methodist Church, preparations for Easter, and now it is Holy Week and the pace hasn't slowed. But we have made some new friends and many precious memories. Life is good.

Life is good. I haven't always been able to say that with feeling, but I can really say it now. I guess it is all in my attitude. The ability to truly have peace and joy, even when everything isn't perfect. Praise the Lord for that!

"Praise the Lord" has certainly been a theme lately. I have heard sermons on the subject, it was the central theme of our "A Heart Like His" Bible study (by Beth Moore) Thursday night and seems to be cropping up all over the place. So, that is just what I am going to try to do all the time.

Praise the Lord!

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