Monday, April 27, 2009

Real Food

I cooked a couple of things today to take to church to feed the Vaden family after Mr. Judson's funeral. I cooked a big pot of green beans and meatloaf. They were a huge hit! I got so many comments and I was really surprised that people thought they were so good. Two of the most stellar compliments were "those green beans are just like my mama used to make" (mighty high praise if you ask me) and (to Eugene) "your wife sure makes a mean meatloaf" (that's pretty high praise too). Wow. I am so humbled and cannot imagine that I deserve such compliments. I think that usually comes from making some fancy casserole or maybe some sinful dessert, not green beans and meatloaf. Real food. Lesson learned. Fancy is not necessary. I am so pleased that they enjoyed it.

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