Saturday, May 22, 2010

This Social Networking Thing is Great!

I get a lot of "looks" and "comments" when folks find out that I Facebook and Blog. They just don't know what in the world they are talking about! I have spent most of my free time lately (and, I admit, time that shouldn't have been "free") on the internet checking in on Facebook and the new blogs that I have discovered. I have pages of ideas for decorating and gifts, and just maybe a little business venture when I get settled in after the move. All gleaned from the fabulous blogs out there.

And see those "followers" over there on the sidebar? Those ladies have sent me such kind and encouraging words these last two days, that I now consider them my friends! And Debbie and I just might be cousins or something, because we have discovered that we are both kin to "Newmans". Now how about that!

So psssssst (you know, tongue sticking out noise) to all you nay-sayers. I LOVE social networking! It's just that--- social. And that ain't a bad thang! :)

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