Monday, May 24, 2010

A Little Craftiness Helps the Attitude!

I took some time this past weekend to do a little something creative. I have been seeing so many tutorials on the internet for these adorable flowers. They are appearing on clothing, purses, home dec... everywhere. I love them! For this first one I used this tutorial and a scrap of bright fabric that my friend gave me. (forgive the blurry phone pic!)

It came out a little more tightly wound than the tutorial, but it was my first. I'm planning on making many more. You really should try it...  it was fun!


  1. Once you get settled, I hope you get back to blogging so we can keep up with each other here and on FB!!!

  2. Hi Dana,

    Thanks for popping in at TOTEally Posh and for leaving your sweet comment.

    I'm seeing these flowers everywhere! Thanks for the link! I've got to bring a door prize for a function tomorrow night. This may be the perfect thing!