Saturday, February 21, 2009

Some weeks are just a blur

Sometimes it seems that life just goes by in a blur and at some point we look back and wonder where the time went. This last week has been one of those times. On Monday we were busy preparing for Aubrey, age one, to come and stay a couple of days while Lily had her tonsilectomy. It's always fun to have them all to ourselves. Just being in charge of their care, able to play and sing and observe their sweet baby ways is a real joy to me. We bought the kind of milk she drinks and some things we know she likes to eat and got the house "ready" for a little one.

Aubrey came over on Monday evening so she wouldn't have to get up at the same ungodly hour as the rest of her family for their trip to LeBonheur. We got to play a bit and then tucked into bed. We were anxious about Lily's surgery, mainly because we knew at her age (3) it would be difficult for her to understand what was about to happen and, afterwards, to understand her limitations and the things necessary for her recovery.

Tuesday morning we got word that the surgery had begun. All went very well and other than being scared when she woke up in the recovery room, everything looked good. We received regular updates by text message which kept us from worrying so much. We knew what was happening at every stage. I'm so thankful for the technology to do thatl. Aubrey wasn't sure what was going on when she woke up in a strange place, out of her routine and away from her Mama. But after a bit of snuggling and reassuring, she seemed to enjoy being the center of attention and spent much of the day in someone's lap reading her favorite books.

Tuesday evening we received a picture via cellphone showing Lily sitting up in bed enjoying strawberry ice cream. Yeah! This is beyond our expectations and we are delighted.

Wednesday morning, however was a different story. Lily has decided that eating and drinking are not going to happen. She must be taking food and drink in order for them to take out her IV and dismiss her to go home. No way she's going for that. So for the next 2 days, we all wait for word that the Princess is ready to cooperate. Meanwhile, the new is wearing off for us here at home and I'm getting tired! Keeping up with Aubrey and keeping her away from the buttons on the TV, DVD playerm cable box and surround sound, not to mention all the plugs and power strips in the house that she can find, is proving to be a FULL time job!

Finally on THURSDAY they decide to remove her IV to see if she will drink when her body doesn't feel so hydrated and she feels she needs to drink. By this time, eating is not a problem. The child has eaten pizza, chicken strips, grapes, french get the picture. Sure enough she does take some juice, but not enough for the doctors to be satisfied. So they say that they will start the IV back up, wait to see if she eats supper and then make a decision about going home. She and her parents have about had enough of the hospital room by now and are beyond ready to get out of there! Finally, the orders to dismiss her come up to the nurse and they head for home around 9PM. We decide that Aubrey should stay here another night so that they won't have to get her out in the cold so late. That was a hard thing for them, I know they were ready to re-unite their little family.

But Friday morning, that reunion happened. Lily and Aubrey were very glad to see each other, and of course Amy was glad to have them all at home. Lily is pretty much back to her Princess self and hopefully will be able to get the restful sleep she has been missing due to those tonsils.

I've had a really good night's sleep and some rest so life is good. It's been a long time since I had the full responsibility of a toddler for that long. It's hard work! Not that I didn't already respect all that Amy does as a stay-at-home mom, but I had a renewed respect for her! Anybody who thinks that they are lazy because they don't have a job needs to come talk to me!

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